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How to treat Implantitis with Biolase (Video)

This video shows the treatment of Implantitis with Biolase at the HD-Dental clinic in Hungary.


Photo Room for Aesthetic Dental Treatment Planning

To ensure maximum transparency in the planning of esthetic dentistry, we have set up a professional photo studio. Here, the oral condition is digitally photographed prior to treatment, with the patient before the treatment with the help of Smilyst software discussed and determined the cosmetics. After a successful completion of the treatment, Fotots are also [...]


PIEZZO for periodontic treatment

The word "piezo" comes from the Greek piezein, which means to push, press, or squeeze. Electrical current generates a wave in the crystals , which is transferred to the ultrasonic tip. This creates a linear back-and-forth tip motion, which is ideal for many dental procedures,subgingival cleaning treatment. This machine generates very little amount of heat [...]