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Piezo Endo and Piezo Paro for root canal treatment and periodontal treatment

The Piezon Master at HD-Dental is used for Piezo Endo (root canal treatment) and Piezo Paro (periodontal treatment).

The word “piezo” comes from the Greek piezein, which means to push, press, or squeeze.

Electrical current generates a wave in the crystals, which is transferred to the ultrasonic tip.

This creates a linear back-and-forth tip motion, which is ideal for many dental procedures like subgingival cleaning treatment.

This machine generates very little amount of heat which lessen the damage of soft tissue.

Use of Piezo Endo and Piezo Paro

Areas of application include endodontics (root canal treatment) and periodontology (periodontal pocket sterilization).

This fine metal needles are introduced into the treatment field (root canal, periodontal pocket, bone pocket) and killed by the resulting high-frequency vibration effect existing germs. Treatment with the Piezzo Endo leads to a significantly higher treatment success rate.

Piezon Master for Piezo Endo and Piezo Paro