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Qui sommes nous?

HD-dental est une clinique dentaire en Hongrie offrant une large gamme de services dentaires. Notre profil principal sont des restaurations dentaires de toute nature - rapidement et à moindre coût.

Notre personnel compétent et expérimenté chez HD-dental utilisant les équipements les plus modernes offre un traitement dentaire de haute qualité à tous nos clients. La planification du traitement individuel combinée à l'utilisation des dernières techniques permet à la fois d'efficacité et de flexibilité.

Choisir le bon dentiste peut vous faire économiser beaucoup d'argent. En raison des faibles coûts d'exploitation, nous pouvons fournir nos services à des prix deux fois ou même trois fois inférieurs à l'étranger sans compromettre la qualité.

Contrairement à d'autres fournisseurs de services de santé, en HD dentaire il n'ya pas de file d'attente, pas de liste d'attente. Chaque fois que vous avez besoin d'un rendez-vous ou de tout renseignement, faites-le nous savoir. Un e-mail suffit, tout comme un appel ou un fax.

Où sommes-nous?

HD-dental est situé à Mosonmagyaróvár, dans la partie la plus occidentale de la Hongrie, à côté de la principale centrale d'Europe centrale aéroport de Vienne-Bratislava. Nous sommes à portée de main de toute l'Europe.

Où sommes-nous exactement? Emplacement
Comment arriver? Le plan de route

En plus des soins dentaires, notre service comprend également un transfert aéroport gratuit et une réservation d'hébergement. Nous sommes heureux de vous aider à organiser vos plans de voyage et de vous fournir toutes les informations nécessaires.

des avis

  • Sarah

    Dr.Kannmann is one of the best Dentists that I've ever known. He and his team were always friendly and the final result was excellent! The costs of the treatment are very very good and a lot of my friends reccomend Dr. Frank Kannmann. After my excellent experience, I will certainly reccomend him to all my friends, for the costs and especially for his lovely character.

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  • Lois

    Having once again returned from a visit to Dr Kannmann from 10 - 15 April 2016, it is a pleasure to report on the outstanding,superior dental treatment received at the clinic in Mosonmagyarovar. Implants done with minimum invasion by laser technique and also minimal pain or bleeding. Over the 8 years I have attended at Dr Kannmann's(Frank)clinic, there has never been a moment of regret for having come a great distance from Canada approximately 8 - 10 times. His work is of superb quality, friendly, professional and compassionate and he is just a really nice person. All of those things, plus the enormous saving over having similar procedures done in Canada, have made a visit to the dentist something to which to look forward and even enjoy!! Ms L Hildebrand Winnipeg, Canada

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  • Maureen

    I made an appt to sort out a gap in the front of my mouth. My first appt with Dr Franke, went very smoothly, he sat me down at the computer after taking X-rays of my mouth, to discuss the best treatment forward. We both agreed on cosmetic treatment, where the outcome would be replacement of previous bad crowns ' the missing tooth replaced, all being on a continuous bridge. After the discussion of treatment ' clear costing, Franke stood up ' said lets get started then. I was in the surgery approx 2 hrs from start to finish on the first day of treatment, then returned 3 days later to have the temporary bridge removed ' the permanent bridge fitted. This only took about 20 minutes including a complimentary clean of the whole mouth. I would rate this experience as excellent ' would recommend Dr Franke to any ' everyone. I can certainly say he is the best dentist I've ever been to at the age of 65, ' am absolutely delighted with the outcome as I didn't expect them to look half as good as they do. I haven't stopped smiling since the treatment. Thank you Dr Franke.

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  • Betty Anne

    I came to Dr. Kannmann thinking I needed a crown on one of my top teeth. I have worn a partial upper denture for over 30 years. When Dr. Kannmann examined the remaining teeth he determined a telescoping denture would be the best solution for me. I had never heard of this either in Canada or the U S where I have had dental work done in the past. His explanation and reasoning were through and easy for me to understand. It cost far less than a partial denture would have in Canada and a fraction of what it would have in the U S. I have never has a denture that is as comfortable or looks as natural. I am so pleased with the entire experience I am telling all my friends, family and acquaintances about Dr. Kannmann and his wonderful clinic! I came to see Dr. Kannmann on the advice of a friend who has been seeing him for 8 years. It didn't take long to see why he is her dentist. Being picked up at the airport in Vienna and being driven to picturesque Mosonmagyarovar was just the beginning of the most stress free dental treatment I have ever experienced! As soon as I met Dr. Kannmann I felt at ease...and I'm an uneasy dental patient. I could hardly believe my appointments were so quick and painless. His entire staff are wonderful. I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the whole experience.

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  • Lynne

    I have absolute confidence in Dr Kannmann; he speaks excellent English and explained every procedure thoroughly. He and his staff are very professional and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

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  • Terry

    My name is Terry Adams from Florida USA and I've just returned from my second visit in 8 years to Happy-Dent and for the second time I'm extremely happy. My wife and my brother-in-law have also made the trip in the past.

    There are many dental clinics in Hungary and, yes, you can get top quality dental treatment for a third of the price you would pay in the USA. The key is to choose the right dentist. For my money the German technology is world renowned. Frank Kannmann is one of Germany's top dentists. His clinic is immaculate and has state of the art equipment. Dr. Kannmann travels all over the world to dental conventions to stay abreast of the latest technology.

    Frank speaks many languages and perfect English. His ability to explain the procedures is very reassuring. Also, Dr. Kannmann has a real eye to make your teeth look natural and he is an extremely nice person.

    The American dentists I have visited in the USA have always complimented Dr. Kannmann's work. Needless to say they're not happy about the price I paid. Happy-Dent is a no brainer. Say hello to Frank for me when you get there!!

    P.S. His office will handle all of your travel details, including complimentary transportation to and from the airport and find a hotel to accommodate your needs.

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  • Chloe

    DR Kannmann is definitely the best dentist I've ever had, When I needed my 4 front teeth replacing and my wisdom's removed, I travelled to Hungary, Dr Kannmann saw me in just 3 appointments over a period of a week, which was great because I didn't have to unnecessarily keep going back to the clinic, he was quick and did what was needed without me having to keep going back to the clinic, I had no pain during my procedures, and recovered extremely quickly. The temp' teeth that I had while my crowns were being made were brilliant, it made it really easy to be able to carry on as normal during my treatment. I left with a wonderful set of zirconium crowns, which has put my confidence right up, and I'm not afraid to smile anymore. The treatment was brilliant, the cost was even better, everyone working there was amazing, the equipment was excellent and time management for the clinic is 10'10, I would definitely recommend Dr Kannmann to people.

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  • Christiana

    In my honest opinion Dr. Kannmann stands up there with the very best, he and his team put me at my ease straight away as I was very nervous, and helped me understand the procedure of my dental treatment... Also was impressed with the cleanliness and friendliness of the practice, and would certainly recommend Dr. Frank Kannmann to anyone needing dental care.

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pourquoi nous?

Pourquoi choisir la Hongrie pour les traitements dentaires?

Les cabinets dentaires privés en Hongrie sont équipés de la technologie la plus moderne grâce aux clients internationaux qui visitent le pays depuis plus de vingt ans.
HD-dentaire est également l'un d'entre eux.

Dentistes hongrois sont formés pour couvrir tous les aspects de la dentisterie générale. Leurs qualifications sont pleinement reconnues dans l'Union européenne, et en fait beaucoup travaillent internationalement.

Est-ce vraiment aussi bon marché?

La Hongrie offre un large éventail d'excellentes installations dentaires dont les visiteurs peuvent profiter à un prix beaucoup plus bas qu'aux Etats-Unis ou au Royaume-Uni.

En effet, d'énormes économies peuvent être réalisées en choisissant de faire effectuer votre travail dentaire dans notre clinique. Il peut coûter moins de 50% du même traitement aux États-Unis ou au Royaume-Uni. Les conditions économiques favorables en Hongrie nous permettent d'offrir à nos patients un traitement de haute qualité à un prix abordable, souvent étonnamment bas.

Cela est dû en grande partie à la baisse des coûts d'exploitation et des salaires alors que les matériaux appliqués sont les mêmes marques bien connues utilisées dans le monde entier.

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