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How to treat Implantitis with Biolase (Video)

This video shows the treatment of Implantitis with Biolase at the HD-Dental clinic in Hungary.


YAG; Laser Machine

High impulse laser energy will evaporate cells. This allows no pain for the patient. Healing time is faster conventional cauterization. Laser can be used for soft tissue surgery. Such as Frenectomy and cauterization of the bleeding lesion. Furthermore, incase of periodontitis, without any pain, this machine will kill the dead tissue around the tooth.  


Biolase WaterLase

  Traditional high-speed drills work by friction which creates HEAT which can cause PAIN. The traditional high-speed drill also causes VIBRATION, which can cause PAIN and leads to microfractures. These microfractures allow bacteria to penetrate the tooth. WaterLase energy does not create heat or vibration so there is NO PAIN. Further, the WaterLase is bactericidal, [...]



The aim of the pre-planning smile design software is to serve every element of complex aesthetic design from diagnostics to software visualisation. It provides a real alternative in everyday practice for quick and simple aesthetic design. With its realistic design, it is not only an outstanding marketing tool but also a perfect design, simulation and [...]


Dentin Grinder

What if you could recycle an extracted tooth? Use the Smart Dentin Grinder (SDG) protocol to convert extracted teeth into autologous graft within 15 minutes. Why dentin works Dentin and bone are virtually identical in composition Natural, bio-active, autologous material Attracts Osteoprogenitors from the site Undergoes Ankylosis (fusion) with the bone Contains Growth Factors and BMPs [...]



In dentistry, the microscope has been used to increase the visuablity as well as accuracy of the treatment. Especailly in the field of endodontic, it became very much popular among dentists since it can increase the effectiveness of the treatments. With increased magnification, dentist can find and access to tiny, narrow root canal openings without [...]



Ozone (O3) is usually produced by dissociation of molecular oxygen (O2) into activated oxygen atoms.  There is high oxidation potential in Ozone gas, and it has a better effect than chloride when it used as an antimicrobial agent against bacteria, viruses. Ozone also has ability to to increase blood circulation as well as immune response.  In [...]


PIEZZO for periodontic treatment

The word "piezo" comes from the Greek piezein, which means to push, press, or squeeze. Electrical current generates a wave in the crystals , which is transferred to the ultrasonic tip. This creates a linear back-and-forth tip motion, which is ideal for many dental procedures,subgingival cleaning treatment. This machine generates very little amount of heat [...]