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impression scanner

Digital dental impression scanner

Thanks to it’s modern digital dental impression scanner, hd-dental offers its patients the highest precision and the highest comfort possible in the dental impression.

Instead of taking the impression with silicone and impression tray in the mouth as usual, this scanner enables us to quickly scan the tooth to be treated or full jaw regions with a small intraoral camera.

Therefor the use of the voluminous impression tray is no longer necessary. n addition, no impression material can trickle down the throat. This leaves out the usual gag reflex in the conventional method.

Digital dental impression scanner

Another big advantage of the digital dental impression scanner: The waiting time on the dentist’s chair is considerably shorter. In addition, the precisely scanned image enables accurate prosthetic work in the laboratory. The scanned image is saved and digitally sent by email to the prosthetic lab.

Besides, the digital dental impression scanner is an environmentally friendly alternative because neither impression materials nor plaster are needed.

We hope to further increase the comfort of our patients with this innovative device!

Digitaler Zahnabdruck-Scanner im Einsatz