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Planmeca ProMax 3D

Dental X-ray in 3-D with Planmeca ProMax 3-D

Dental X-ray provides dentists with important information about the current condition of the patient’s teeth. At HD-dental we work with ProMax 3D Classic from Finnish specialist Planmeca. This modern X-ray device provides us with complete information about the patient’s anatomy down to the smallest detail and in very high resolution. The intelligent and versatile device covers the entire dentition area. This smart and versatile X-ray device offers panoramic, cephalometric and 3-D digital imaging as well as 3-D photos and 3-D model scans.


Low radiation exposure during dental X-ray

Contrary to traditional X-ray machines, using Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic reduces radiation exposure to a minimum. Thanks to this modern unit, we can also make partial recordings digitally, depending on the indication. In other words, images can be taken from the temporomandibular joint, from a single tooth or from the paranasal sinus only, whereby the x-rays are used in a very targeted manner and the strain is reduced.

Modern simulation software Romexis

The dental X-ray unit also includes the Romexis software. This offers us multitude of software tools for different simulations such as bone measurement, implant calculation, surgical field localization. In addition, Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic can also be used to create 2D overview images for initial diagnosis, which are In addition, 2D overview images for the first diagnosis can be made, which are then graphically diagnosed by our dentists.

Each x-ray is passed on to the patients. In addition, all files can be sent to smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android) via Life-Time App, or by e-mail upon request.